Create a client-focused portfolio that sells your translation services

Win more business with a portfolio that sells your translation services

Presenting a client-focused portfolio to potential clients looks good, feels good and demonstrates that you run a translation business that gets results. A portfolio is also a fantastic marketing tool that helps you control the narrative if your contact is selling on your behalf – perhaps at their next budget meeting with the decision maker.

This course covers everything you need to create an impressive portfolio: The essential components, how to get the best testimonials and craft compelling case studies. You don't need translation samples and can create a marketable portfolio even if all your work is protected by non-disclosure agreements and clients won't give you permission to use their company name.

Wow your future clients with a persuasive portfolio!

Inside you'll find:

  • Everything you need to include in your portfolio – from the cover and front and back matter to the heavy-lifting core content
  • How to condense your bio and focus on your reader for maximum impact
  • The secret to getting great testimonials and how to use them to sell your services more effectively
  • Let your clients sell your business – case studies (even anonymised) as mini-stories to educate and impress
  • Portfolio design. From visually appealing templates and graphic design to technical specifications for printing and accessibility
  • Answers to your questions such as whether to focus your portfolio on a specific sector or combine all your services in one
  • Example portfolio templates in various formats to provide inspiration to bring your portfolio to life!

You'll be guided through the process of creating your own portfolio every step of the way through a mix of text, downloadable resources and videos.

Text lessons

Video presentations

Downloadable resources

Step-by-step course with optional feedback

Inside the course – which you have ongoing access to so you can refer back at any time – you'll have everything you need to create an impressive portfolio. If you'd like me to review your draft and offer suggestions to increase the impact of your new, shiny document, choose the personalised feedback option below. You'll get a pdf with comments and a video outlining my suggestions and key points.

You've got questions?

I only work with translation agencies, will this still be useful?

It depends. Do you want to work with direct clients? You’ll get the most out of this course if you’re ready to work with direct clients, which is not everyone’s choice. A polished CV will usually be fine to send to translation agencies, although you'll knock everyone's socks off with a beautifully presented portfolio.

I don’t have a specialism/niche like you, how do I differentiate myself? Will this still work?

There’s a reason your clients work with you and not someone else. It might not be a clearly defined specialism like The Chemical Translator but you’ll have a specific interest or experience that you can highlight. We cover this in the course with a few different examples to help you figure this out.


I don't have any case studies, testimonials or translation samples, can I still create a portfolio?

Yep! I don't use translation samples inside my portfolio because I don't believe the translation buyer will find this useful or be able to evaluate them effectively.
Inside the course I'll help you identify and write case studies – which can be anonymised if needed. Even if you work exclusively with translation agencies who are reluctant to provide testimonials, you can craft an impressive case study to demonstrate the impact of your work to your future clients.

I'm not creative, how do I make it look nice?

You'll find a couple of easy ways to create a portfolio using templates with minimal design skills required. You can also take your copy and work with a friendly graphic designer, it's your choice but there are options to suit every budget.

If I pick the feedback option, how does it work?

You'll create a draft portfolio using the tips shared in the course, which is self-paced with lifetime access. Send me your portfolio by email and any questions or comments you have within 6 months of purchasing the course. I'll return a pdf file with comments as well as a video taking you through my feedback as if we were discussing it in person. I'll tell you what I love and some suggestions for making your portfolio even more impactful.