Adventure map for The Expedition Group

The Expedition Group

Adventures in business & marketing to set you up with the skills and confidence to explore new opportunities, stretch your comfort zone, and grow your translation business.

Do you love translation more than business and marketing?

That's fair. Getting to use our language skills daily and get paid for it is amazing. But do you ever feel you should be getting better paying clients, you'd like more job satisfaction, and maybe stronger business systems so you feel more confident knowing what to do in different scenarios?

You may view setting up your business the right way and marketing your services as a bit of a slog, a necessary evil. I've been there. Stuck at the planning stage, always on the cusp of changing my business but not quite getting it done. Until I joined a group that broadened my horizons and kept me accountable to my plans. They challenged and supported me and we helped and learned from each other.

Hi, I'm Sarah,

Dedicated translator since 2008, lifelong language lover and tea drinker (I'm British, despite my surname), I also love travel and exploring new ways of doing business. But when there are too many options, I need a nudge in the right direction and a little structure to keep me on track. That's what I've created for you.

There's something special about the translation industry isn't there? Our specific combination of languages, experience, and types of text and clients we work with are unique. Which means we often stick out (in a good way) in other business groups. I wanted to create a group specifically for translators who have a few years' experience and now want more from their business – greater job satisfaction, income, and a little help and support to enjoy the business side of things almost as much as translation.

Grow your business with mini-adventures

Think of moving out of your natural habitat (translation & interpreting) as exploring different terrains.

Whether you're an eager globetrotter or armchair travel enthusiast, your next destination doesn't need to be far away. In fact, taking small steps and enjoying the journey makes all the difference between putting off the 'must do marketing' dread and doing the things you need to do to get better clients or different types of work.

Let me take you off the beaten track on regular expeditions and grow your business with mini adventures. If you want the same satisfaction and enjoyment from the business and marketing side of things as you get from your quest for the perfect turn of phrase in your translations, then I invite you to join The Expedition Group.

Banish the guilt at continually putting aside your marketing, following up that quotation you sent (how?) and not knowing what to do next. Instead, accept your next mission and take the suggested next step on your journey to better business habits.

Within 3 months of joining, one Expedition Group member had this to say:

“This month has been one of my best ever despite only working part time! I'm definitely attributing this to some big mindset shifts inspired by the group and the concrete steps I've taken thanks to the modules, so thank you!”

What do you get in the group?

I've got a range of enticing expeditions lined up for you to join, which will all help you grow, realign, or strengthen your business.

  • Expert guide. You'll get everything you need in the form of a guide. That's me or a visiting expert in a particular field – I don't claim to know everything and will be completing some challenges alongside you.
  • Mission of the Month. Every month we'll have an expedition to complete with different levels according to your workload. Make rapid progress when you have time to commit and take smaller steps when life gets busy.
  • Kit lists to make sure you're fully equipped for the challenge – no expensive branding or survival gear required. You'll get all the training content you need in the form of easy-to-absorb, practical written and video content.
  • Q&A call. Every month, we'll have a 1 hour Q&A call on Zoom to help get unstuck, brainstorm and ensure you have everything you need to progress. At all other times, you can reach me by email and Slack.
  • Feedback on your plans. If you're happy to share, everyone can benefit from this feedback just as you will benefit from seeing suggestions given to others.
  • Team and community. Slack is our base to regroup, recharge and share stories from your latest adventure. Spur each other on, celebrate your wins, get help and share resources and ideas.
  • Ongoing accountability and monthly focus call. Share your plans and the stops you need to reach on your journey and the group and I will keep you accountable. Motivation guaranteed.

What adventures await?

A range of expeditions around the theme of business and marketing for translators and interpreters. Expeditions so far have included pitching for PR opportunities, crafting a persausive portfolio for your translation business, optimum preparation for trade shows and other client-side events, Keep in Touch (KIT) marketing, creating compelling client resources, covering a full range of inbound and outbound marketing.

You have access to all of these as part of your membership in addition to the new enticing expeditions to come. But you don't need to work through them all! Each expedition is standalone and you can jump right in and join us on the latest adventure or we can chat about what would be a good first port of call.

The common destination for all of these topics is greater job satisfaction, better clients, and making sure you are equipped with everything you need to tackle those inevitable business surprises that pop up along the way.

You choose the pace

Just as in real life, each month you can choose whether to join in the fun and which level of adventure you're ready for:

Hiker being pulled up a rock by his hiking buddy
Hike to the Summit

Challenge yourself to venture out of your comfort zone. Let's go all in, pack the sleeping bag and a few essentials for a longer trek. The view is beautiful from the summit, viewing everything you've accomplished!

Choose this option when you're eager to make swift progress towards your goals and get moving.

Cyclist exploring off-road
Off the Beaten Track

Less intense but still energetic – pack a picnic and take a day trip heading off the beaten track to explore the local area. Invigorating because you get to see the places most travelling translators don't. And with a team of intrepid explorers cheering you on, you'll make good progress towards your next destination.

Gentle Stroll

For when you have more client work or lots going on but still want to make progress towards your goals.

This option nudges you forwards to discover new things and still gives you time to sit down and enjoy your surroundings (while sipping a coffee and cake in the scenic old town, for instance).

A team for solo business owners

You might enjoy going solo when it comes to life's adventures. But it's always nice to head back to base to regroup, recharge and share stories of your adventures. We all have different skills and experiences and can learn from each other. Some trips might require local knowledge, some will be more fun as a group, in pairs or, if you're highly competitive, a race to the finish line!

Are you ready?

It's way more fun to head off exploring when you have the support of like-minded individuals and a guide who can show you the best spots and avoid the overcrowded marketplaces and tourist traps.

Discover new ways to keep in touch with existing clients and connections, establish contact with new people, promote your services in a way that feels genuine and right for you. And enjoy these new adventures!

The Expedition Group is the perfect combination of learning and motivation”

Join The Expedition Group Today

Membership is offered as a monthly 'pay as you go' subscription

or join for 3 months of adventures with a single payment.

And enjoy all these benefits

  • Expert guide to show you exactly how to achieve your next mission.
  •  Mission of the Month for focus and motivation.
  •  Training content to present each topic and how to tackle it.
  •  Kit lists to make sure you're fully equipped. We use what you already have.
  • Personal orientation call. On Zoom, we'll look at where you are right now and what your next steps are.
  •  Q&A call every month on Zoom to help get unstuck, brainstorm and report back on progress.
  •  Personal feedback on your plans and any marketing you've created.
  •  Team for community and accountability. Slack is our base to regroup, recharge and share stories from your latest adventure.
  • A back catalogue of all the previous challenges to refer back to or switch up your mission.

Why a monthly membership?

Setting aside the time every day/week/month/quarter to work on your business is hard when you have client deadlines, family commitments and you want some spare time! However, regular and consistent action builds momentum and gets you where you need to go.

You might love the intensity and support provided by a course but you don't have the time (or cash) to devote to continuously taking courses in various subjects. And yet you want to make progress in your business and have a thirst for learning.

A monthly membership offers content you can digest in bite-size chunks and fit around your workload and lifestyle.

Will I get value from the group even when I've got a packed schedule and can't go for the full hike?

Some months you might go hell for leather and other times you'd prefer to sit back and take in your surroundings. You'll still be part of the team. Seeing other people taking action and discussing their challenges gives you useful intel and you've got all the guides and call recordings to refer back to when you are ready.

I'll provide motivation and nudge you into action where possible but the beauty of a membership group is that there's no end date and you can move at your own pace.

Having a community to ask questions about translation work, check in with a native speaker, or chat about the latest mission is a valuable part of the group. And I'll encourage you to take even a tiny step in the right direction to keep you making the progress you signed up to achieve.

More questions?

Here's a blog post detailing Everything You Need To Know About The Expedition Group written as objectively as possible! You can also read more about this membership group in the article The CPD that transformed me (written by Dean Evans and published in the Jan/Feb 2024 issue of the ITI Bulletin).

What happens next?

The button below takes you to the payment page – it's just GBP 55 a month for all the guidance, support, inspiration and encouragement you could wish for. You'll then get an email with all the details.

Here's what happens when you join:

  1. Your first port of call is to take a few minutes to get oriented, meet your fellow explorers in Slack, and soak up the positive, can-do vibe.
  2. Then book your personal goal-setting call with me. On Zoom, we'll discuss where you are right now and where you want to be. You leave the call knowing what to do next.
  3. Get stuck in and join this month’s expedition.
  4. Enjoy accountability, focus sessions, get answers to your questions and feedback on your marketing.
  5. Start getting exciting enquiries and opportunities in response to all the action you're taking!

I can't wait to guide you to your next destination!