New clients, the right way

Marketing shouldn't be stressful. But it's often one of those tasks we put off for when we're in the mood or have some quiet time. And when you do sit down to market your translation service, you're not entirely sure what to do first. How to start talking to the right clients for you – the clients with the interesting projects, who pay better rates and appreciate your value.

From figuring out who you want to work with to creating your own marketing campaign and handling responses, I've got you covered. 

Let's get marketing!

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If you're frustrated by the uninspiring translation enquiries hitting your inbox and want to get more of the work you love, let's start marketing to your dream clients.

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This quick start guide:

  • Breaks down 'I must do some marketing' into 5 clear action steps 
  • Explains what to do if you struggle to find time for marketing (Step 2)
  • Shows you how to instantly make your marketing more compelling 

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Download the guide, take action and make sure your dream clients know who you are and how you can help them. Fill your inbox with exciting opportunities from people you've always wanted to work with by following the 5 easy steps explained in the guide – and have fun while you do it!