If you want to work with new direct translation clients and run a successful marketing campaign, you have to start with your list – a list of people you would love to work with.

But the problem for many of us detail-oriented linguists is that the act of researching our ideal clients can turn into hours and hours of trying to figure out who to target, which companies may need translation, who the decision maker could be, and how to find those all-important contact details.

Don't let this step be a stumbling block and stop you getting new clients who could benefit from your services!

In this mini-course, I'll show you how to:

  • Narrow down your search and stop this first preparation stage becoming a massive time suck
  • Identify the key factors you need to consider when selecting companies
  • Determine what's not important so you can avoid second-guessing yourself and discounting potential clients or picking unlikely prospects
  • Track down useful contact details
  • Gather everything you need to set up your marketing campaign for success

Hi, I’m Sarah Silva

German to English chemical translator, author, and marketing enthusiast.

Since 2018, I've been running direct marketing campaigns to successfully win new clients and helping other translators do the same. I've got a few tips and strategies to help you speed up the process. So you can get on with delighting your new contacts with your marketing and turning them into happy, repeat clients.

Let's get your list sorted

Don't let the hundreds of possibilities overwhelm you, or worse, stop you from marketing. By the end of this mini-course, you'll have a short list of potential clients you would love to work with. Save time and get focused so you can move on to building relationships and getting new clients!

Get everything you need to find your ideal clients for just

GBP 35

(including VAT where applicable).