Do you want more enquiries from clients who find you through your content?

Adding articles to your website is a great place to start. You can answer your potential clients' pressing questions, take them behind the scenes and introduce them to your translation process at a deeper and more helpful level than you can on a general webpage.

Articles help your reader make an informed decision about working with you. They showcase your expertise (tell me you know what you're talking about without actually telling me) and provide valuable content to help you get found via internet searches.

If you've ever thought you should be creating more content for your website but there's never enough time, you don't know what to write or you wish you could be more consistent, you're in the right place.

Writing an article is daunting when faced with a blank screen even if you have a few hours to spare. But in this course I'll break down the different elements so you have a much easier starting point and can fit writing articles for your business around client work and life commitments, bonus!

By the end of the course, you'll also have a sustainable process to follow to become more consistent with your content and get more of those inbound enquiries you need.

And not a bot in sight.

Woman typing an article on her laptop

Here's what we're going to cover:

Week 1

Brainstorming topics and sub-topics, drilling down into the ultra-specific details that will make your content unique

Week 2

Outlining and delving into where you want to take your reader and what they need to know

Week 3

Adding soul, crafting the article structure as well as exploring different elements and styles

Week 4

Drafting your article (which will be much quicker and easier now you've completed the pre-work)

Week 5

Editing, polishing and publishing your awesome article 

Create content that works hard for your translation business, converting your words into enquiries to collaborate.

* * *

Includes bonus interview with a content writer who has written for HuffPost, Jammy Digital and has published over 300 pieces of content on the internet.

* * *

Let's get going!

A sneak peek at the first lessons inside the course

Hi, I'm Sarah Silva,

German to English chemical translator since 2008, author, and marketing enthusiast. My mission is to help you market yourself to the right kind of clients.

In this course, I'll give you the article writing structure I use and share my experience from writing two books, newsletters and articles for my own translation business as well as articles I've written for my clients. You just need to bring yourself, a large helping of enthusiasm and a determination to take action.

Can't wait to market with you!

Let's start writing articles more quickly, easily and consistently!

Choose between the self-paced course or the course + personalised feedback on one article.